Boutique Vietnamese Inspired at V Spa In Ho Chi Minh City

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    Xuan, meaning ‘spring’ in Vietnamese, is an elegant, understated spa located on the third floor of the Park Hyatt. Xuan Spa embraces the local culture with its Mekong Delta inspired spa treatments. Great care has been taken to select the finest floral, botanical and mineral resources from the fertile mangroves and rich biodiversity of the Mekong Delta. Ginger, orange, cajeput, basil and cinnamon, commonly used in Vietnamese traditional healing, are incorporated into the regimens at Xuan Spa.


    The personalised service at Xuan Spa begins with a consultation and a selection of individual aromatherapy oils (for body massage), followed by a soothing footbath ritual. The lush, tropical garden-esque pool area just outside the spa is the perfect place to chill with a cup of tea after finishing your treatment.
    Must-try treatment: Dao Dua Coconut Monk (60 minutes). Treatment includes a short foot massage session to promote circulation, followed by a full body scrub made from ginger flower with fresh grated coconut granules to exfoliate and revive the skin.


    Product: Natural products and Thalgo (French) for facial care and body treatments
    Price: One-hour body massage starts from 1,700,000vnd++

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