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    Come the best spa in saigon

    La Cochinchine Luxury Spa can be found on the sixth and seventh floors of the Rex Hotel, and they provide their customers with traditional Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian herbal remedies and treatments. The facilities are divided into four different sections, namely: manicure, pedicure, a body spa massage therapy floor for men and women (separate) and the couples’ spa.


    In this high end, luxurious spa service you will find 21 treatment rooms and a wide range of hydrotherapy facilities, including a sauna, Jacuzzi, Vichy shower, massage showers, plunge pools, herbal steam rooms, two swimming pools and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.


    La Cochinchine Luxury Spa is especially recommended for its unique spa packages, which can last up to half a day and take care of your whole body. You can choose from one of their five options called - Utopia, Venus, Serene, Allure, Eternal and Sublime. Venus, as an example, is a four-and-a-half-hour package, which includes a personalised facial (60 minutes), aroma/Thai or hot stone therapy (90 minutes), manicure and pedicure (60 minutes), hand and foot paraffin (60 minutes) and a complementary spa pool visit, followed by afternoon tea. This is all for the price of VND 2,500,000 (US$ 111).
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